By providing a reliable, precise equipment which took out the tedious and repetitious testings out of the equation, Focustronic’s Alkatronic and Mastertronic has reinvented the way that I spend my time around my reef. I simply enjoy more, observe more and envision more for more success.
I started off with the AT and DT which actually helped me understand that stability was the key to me keeping my tank happy and even that getting salt water from different LFS could give me ALK swings because of different salts they used. The MT for me was a complete game changer and really helped me understand what affects my tank. I wish I’d had these at the start of my keeper of water journey it would have saved me thousands as it does the chemistry part of it for you. The support is brilliant from the lads on Facebook to Eric and Jonas on messenger. W D Streep really helped in the early days as I was a massive tech no fobe. Great products
As a lazy reefer, the Alkatronic (AT) has been a major turning point for me in keeping SPS. In my previous system with spotty manual testing, Alk swing was constant battle especially when corals began taking off. These days with the AT, as soon as the Alk uptake changes, I could react and adjust the dosage of my Kalk & 2-Parts. The AT has been instrumental in my success in especially SPS in the current system, and the regaent is extremely cost effective. The icing on the cake is the Mastertronic (MT), which tests for the other parameters that the Alkatronic does not, and the Dosetronic that could reactively dose based on the values from the AT as well as the MT. Together, along with other products, Focustronic is building a smart, automated ecosystem that allows hobbyists and professionals reef keepers to do as little, or as much, as we want.
We have been using Alkatronic to test alkalinity every two hours for over two years now, we have to say it’s such a reliable and peace-of-mind equipment. It helped us precisely maintain the stable alkalinity in a SPS dominant system, which is the vital to keep these sensitive corals thriving.
Since I owned the AT/DT combo it has been the backbone and lifeline to my reef. No other tech comes close to this
I have now been using alkatronics for years in multiple commercial coral facilities and they have never missed a beat. Always stable and reliable, I now wouldn’t run a system without an Alkatronic guarding it for me.
I have now been using alkatroniI own the competitor machine as well so I have first hand experience. The quality and build is superior and I can see there is a lot of time and thought put into this All the known difficulties has been addressed and the continuing support to improve the product is far beyond other companies. This automated testing problem is not an easy one to solve and focustronic has done well with their product offering cs for years in multiple commercial coral facilities and they have never missed a beat. Always stable and reliable, I now wouldn’t run a system without an Alkatronic guarding it for me.
Focustronic all the way.. In the busy lives we all have these days we all want / need products that makes life easier and less time consuming, Focustronic is definitely the answer to this in the reefing hobby. How many of us love the hobby but when it comes to keeping ontop of parameters and testing water quality we slack a bit as its just a boring time consuming thing to do. I know I would much rather spend that time enjoying my aquarium than it being a chore in my life. That is exactly why Focustronic is a must for me in this hobby, I have the Mastertronic, Alkatronic and Dosetronic and can honestly say investing in them its the best thing I’ve done. it takes care of all the tests for you, dose automatically according to test results and if stuff goes wrong it will let you know and fix it. Ontop of that you are alway aware of what is going on with your aquarium even if you are on the other side of the world, thanks to their amazing App that allows you to access info and run tests no matter where you are. The focustronic support team are amazing and go out of their way to fix things in the unfortunate event where something might go wrong with the equipment. They are always updating and expanding the focustronic range and I look forward to investing in more of the focustronic rage.
Focustronic , what else ? As soon as I bought the Alkatronic, I saw immediate evidence of good, well thought-out product development and a highly motivated development and support team. Therefore I was immediately convinced of the following announcements, such as the Dosetronic and the Mastertronic, which have now been part of my equipment for a long time without any problems. Thanks to the app and the automatic notifications ( and the seamless integration with 3rd party solutions) I am informed about all changes in the water composition. In combination with the Dosetronic everything is adjusted accordingly leading to a stable environment, which is most important for our hobby. I run a 2500 liter mixed reef with a large stock of corals and small to big size fish.
“Mastertronic is a great piece of equipment. It is extremely well built! I feel it is ahead of it’s time and a game changer. Now I no longer have to worry about my tank any longer!”
We are proud too say we are selling products off Focustronic The aquaasan corals shop is 90 % controlled by alkatronics dosetronics and mastertronics we also having 3 tanks running on the solartronics for a few months its Really Really Amazing as this gives a natural look on the tanks i wish i had more too spend to make more tanks like the ones with solarteonics great job done focustronic team keep up the good work.
“Seamless integration into the Hydros ecosystem via the cloud allows endless automation possibilities”
Alkatronic is a product that has changed the way of managing aquarium maintenance with one of the main parameters, KH. I can say with certainty that the equipment really does this control easily and accurately!
I entered the Focustronic family from day one, with the purchase off an Alkatronic for my reef aquarium. Tru the past years this machine has become rock steady and reliable in keeping the Alk where I want it to be even when use a ca-reactor as I do. Soon my second purchase was the Dostronic. If you need a doser with no worry’s. This is the one. Men can buy the most fancy and promising machines, but the after service from this company amazed me. If followed the official way I had answer at some issues within a few hours. Even on a Sunday morning.
“Focustronic creates quality products that make it easier for today’s hobbyists to spend more time enjoying their tank and less time worrying about it. It was quick and easy to work with Eric to integrate their products into our CoralVue HYDROS Controller. In addition, using their products has helped our business grow by providing accurate information our customers can depend on. We strongly recommend Focustronic to anyone in our industry!”
The Mastertronic is a highly configurable, well built machine with superb software that continues to get even better. Easy to use with reliable and accurate results, one could not ask for much more from an automated tester
hello to all reefers, my name is Diego, I come from Italy, someone knows me as Diego Reef Reef on various social networks, and I would like to report my experience with the Focustronic team and products. I approached this company with the purchase of Alkatronic in 2018, because I was looking for a Kh controller that could manage my tank especially because I use the calcium reactor. To date I am really happy to have left the management of my tank to alkatronic, it saved the tank and the sps colonies on several occasions, the one that surprised me the most is when the calcium reactor came unglued in my absence and alkatronic has detected an anomaly and has interrupted the supply of co2 thus avoiding any excessive release in the tank, great job! The Focustronic company has always presented innovations in its products, still surprising me with Dosetronic dosometric pumps, to the point of literally driving me crazy with joy when I saw that they published the first news of Mastertronic to be able to perform various tests including Kh, Ca, Mg, No3, Po4, Oli … personally I could not let it escape and I had to become an owner, and so it was … reefer here we were on another planet, scheduled tests when you want and without effort you had the result … until when one day you wake up and without having to do anything, but only with an update the Focustronic company has made it possible to measure also No2, I, Nh4 +, Fe … all truly incredible but apart from the products, this is what makes me even more confident and proud of my initial choice, because in my opinion everyone knows how to sell their products but then you make the difference in the after-sales The Focustronic company is constantly evolving, always ready through its official channels to give support in real time 24 hours a day, and to discuss with users, all products can be managed together or separately and all through a single app from the comfort of your own mobile phone or tablet even remotely, receiving notifications of the various tests carried out, anomalies arriving today after having founded the Reef Family Community and having supported the Focustronic systems for the management of our Tanks in the Reef Family Room, elegant machines both in shape and in their characteristic white uniform with orange side bands, we can say that it is a pity to hide them inside the furniture .. they can very well be displayed outside making our tanks unique Continue to amaze us with your products
I have worked in the aquaristic industry for nearly 40 years, founding our company on the principle of introducing leading edge innovative, effective, and premium quality technology to discerning aquarists, collectors, breeders and private research facilities around Australia, New Zealand, and further afield – indeed our own technology and production has been exported to a significant number of countries over the years.  From this perspective, I have seen a lot of product, a lot of technology, and significant innovation and market-changing trends over the decades.   When I was approached by Eric Tang of Focustronic to work with him as Australia/New Zealand distribution partner for his fledgling aquaristic technology product range, my usual criteria of quality, function, innovation, and ethics – both in the product, and the company behind the product, were applied. I was pleased with what I saw, enthusiastic as to the potential, and optimistic that this company and its products were going to have a very significant impact on the industry, and the success especially, for marine aquaristics.   The innovation rate has exceeded my expectations, with a full holistic system of independent, yet complementary technology, being developed very quickly and attracting a lot of interest from third parties who want to be involved. Each new product has not disappointed me, but rather intrigued me as to the completeness of design concept, and satisfied me in regard to concept implementation, along with build quality.   The growing stable of Focustronic product is based on human life-support equipment and standards.  This is technology rapidly embraced by professionals, as much as by the serious hobbyist.   Professionals talk – as do hobbyists, and the growth in such a short time of the Focustronic business, is testament to defining a need, meeting that requirement, and exceeding expectations.