Welcome to Focustronic !

Focustronic from its conception has had a single focus!  
Water stability through true integration and automation !
What does this mean ?
Focustronic has a different approach to what a lot of other aquatic controller companies have taken to the issue of maintaining water parameters  in a Marine Aquarium. 
 The heart of keeping  Marine Aquatic animals alive and thriving is stable, consistent water quality! Our range of equipment, in and of themselves can be used independently or together to test the water which allows the aquarists to make decisions based on those results!
One of the keys to a great system is the ability to test consistently and dosing accurately, with the flick of a switch in the App, Focustronic has built-in basic AI to think for itself and make small changes based on algorithms so unwanted variables are reduced to a minimum. This means the fine tuning the uptake of additives is possible, otherwise, it becomes a number chasing game causing stress to the hobbyist and the livestock!
Dosing a growing tank has always been a hit and miss issue for reefers with complex calculations based off tests once or twice a week. This can give us unnatural fluctuating water chemistry.  We panic when No3 and Po4 are high in numbers and we do water changes to fix the issue.
We see Alk, which is the most important parameter, goes down after a week and we guess how much to dose or increase our doser amounts but are unsure by how much?
This frustration led the team to fix that with a scientific approach using a never before tried concept and design and the Alkatronic was born, the first of its kind back in 2016. Adding a Dosetronic to the mix gave them the tools to see how a tank is growing by its Alk use, and by the ratio that Cal and Mag is being up taken!!
This even inspired other additive companies to make 4 bottle mix additives that are all dosed in the same amounts every dose! The Alkatronic and Dosetronic can now make independent dosing choices based on accurate test results and automating that over a 24-hour period to give stability and cause the Reef tank to thrive.
The Mastertronic came next in 2020 to fill out the rest of the testing parameters CaL, MG, Po4, No2, No3, Alk, + others. using readily available commercial reagentsIn the same year, Solartronic was released and allowed users to automate lighting they never thought was possible and that is the “lighting angles (patented)” and intensity based on results from Mastertronic.  Focustronic also allows automation with all these results as well, changing the way reefers see their water make up and give a lot more options for stability.
Focustronic has not stopped there, by the evolution of the Alkatronic, Dosetronic, Mastertronic and the App with new Technology they strive to bring products  that give you “true water stability through true integration and automation!”

Alkatronic Pro

Measures Kh, PH, Temp

Alkatronic Pro is a fully upgraded product for serious reefers to automatically monitor and stabilize Alkalinity, Ph and now Temperature  for your reef system. We have listened to our users to improve the current Alkatronic  and will now become the norm for the commercial world and every day Reefers.  Please check out the video below for a full list of new features.

Mastertronic Essential

Measures PO4 / NO3 / Ca / Mg / dKH*

Mastertronic Essential, is capable of testing the true essentials of a reef system and this includes alkalinity, nitrate, phosphate, calcium, and magnesium, with the ability to test all these elements, the Aquarist will not need multiple machines and that will save precious cabinet space, less maintenance, consistent water sample volume and most importantly cost savings, along with the ability to perform tests will yield live data and much more accurate results as water chemistry can change over time or even hours.

Update  15 May 2024

Pre-Release Update…..

Here is the latest prerelease news in regard to the Mastertronic Essential…! (click)