Focustronic has grown so much over the last 5 years and has Distributors / Resellers and users now worldwide.

Please Look at the map below to checkout where your local Distributors  and Resellers  are. Please feel free to contact them for information on where you can purchase The Focustronic Range nearest you.

If you would like to be a distributor  of The Focustronic Range in a country not currently listed, please can you contact us at sales enquiry button.

If you would like to be a reseller,   Please contact us for your nearest distributor and If you are a Hobbyists and would like to purchase from your LFS, please suggest to them to contact us for their local distributor.

For areas without an authorized distributor/reseller, end users can purchase online and FOUCSTRONIC will provide all after sales service.



Name Country Phone Email Website
Addicted 2 Fish Australia / New Zealand +1300 13 99 56 info@addicted2fish.com.au www.addicted2fish.com.au
Aquarium Connections United Kingdom +44 (0) 8330 9479 sales@aquarium-connections.co.uk www.aquarium-connections.co.uk
De Jong Marinelife B.V. Switzerland / Turkey / Ukraine / European Union +31 (0) 183563332 info@dejongmarinelife.nl www.dejongmarinelife.nl
Reef Depot Singapore / European Union +65 6451-0209 customerservice@reefdepot.com.sg www.reefdepot.sg
LSS Laboratory Co. Ltd. Japan     www.e-lss.jp
Bulk Reef Supply
USA /Canada 
+1 763 432 9691
 support@bulkreefsupply.com www.bulkreefsupply.com
SharkBR Brazil +11 99234-2009 info@sharkbr.com.br www.sharkbr.com.br
Oceanexus Trading Co. Ltd. Taiwan +886-6-5830148 david.li@oceanexusworldwide.com www.oceanexus.com
Reef Shop Israel +9720534448666 info@reefshop.co.il www.reefshop.co.il
Name Country Phone Email Website
Aquaritech Europe HB Sweden   info@aquaritech.eu www.aquariatech.eu </td
Drakfisken Sweden   info@drakfisken.se www.drakfisken.se
Korallboden AS Norway +4746503639 sale@korallboden.com www.korallboden.com
Seaflower Netherlands +31 6 40824675 info@seaflowerstore.com www.seaflowerstore.com
Sewatec A.E. Germany   sales@sewatec.com www.sewatec.com
Everything Focustronic Australia
New Zealand
+61 4322 79303 sales@everytingfocustronic.com.au www.everytingfocustronic.store
Aquarium Universe Australia +02 6368 4000 sales@aquariumuniverse.com.au www.aquariumuniverse.com.au
Créati’récif France +33 (0) 642963481 creati-bois@orange.fr www.orange.fr
Récif’All Switzerland +41 76 207 00 77 info@recifall.ch www.recifall.ch
DecOcean Aquarium Denmark (+45) 2629 9403 info@decocean.dk www.decocean.dk
Reef Products Netherlands +31 641801120 Info@reefproducts.nl www.reefproducts.nl
Aquaasan Netherlands +31 631979971 Info@aquaasan-corals.nl www.aquaasan-corals.nl
Advanced Aquarium Consultancy Ltd (AAC) United Kingdom +44 07863107860 sales@aac-online.co.uk www.aac-online.co.uk
Seahorse Aquariums Ltd Ireland +353 4595650 info@seahorseaquariums.com www.seahorseaquariums.com
Företagsakvarium Sverige AB Sweden +46708181995 emil@foretagsakvarium.se www.foretagsakvarium.se 
Sales Office:

Name Country Phone Email Website
Iron Aqua 鋼鐵水族 Hong Kong +852 9122 2636 peter@ironaqua.com www.ironaqua.com