The Powertronic is a smart powerbar on its own and has 3 modes for each socket. It can be set to AUTO or ON/OFF depending on the equipment it is controlling. When set to AUTO, it can work as a 24 hour schedule and also reacts based on tested parameters by Mastertronic and/or Alkatronic.

The powertronic range

Plus mobile device

Focustronic app

Devices that are connected to the Powertronic can be controlled wireslessly while away from home.  There are 3 modes, Auto, On, or Off. 

Schedule your Devices

The Auto mode is a feature rich function which allows user to set rules to trigger on/off and even the duration of the triggered event. For example, when NO3 is too low, it can turn off your filter or skimmer for a couple hours or days to allow nutrients to raise up again.

Plus mobile device

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