Our story

Focustronic is a highly innovative company that specialises in reef aquarium products.  We started the company with a view to bring new lighting technology to the reefing hobby allowing the most natural lighting we can offer.  That is with a patented dynamic lighting system.  The system would allow the light angle to change throughout the lighting period and prevent the conventional issue, hotspots, in LED lighting.  The automated angles allow an even transition between the set positions so all corals can get an even spread of light they deserve. 

Lighting is only a part of the equation.  After the FOCUS-1, we then developed the Alkatronic which is a highly consistent lab grade alkalinity controller.   Since its release, Focustronic has slowly but surely captured a good portion of the auto testing market.  With the ability to have live data coming off the tank’s alkalinity and pH values, then Focustronic went ahead and released our first dosing station.

Dosetronic was the first dosing station that comes with auto-adjusting/correcting features – ODA and SDA.  The two features allow any users to set and forget the dosing schedule and leave it to the system (Alkatronic + Dosetronic) to take care of the dosing schedule/volume and be able to achieve high stability of dKH levels. 

With the success of the previous products, Focustronic once again set new standards in the reefing community by releasing the Mastertronic and the Focustronic All in One app.  With the range of products, our users are able to control over 10+ parameters within the reef system and be able to understand how their tank reacts to different adjustments or additives.

We now have the most consistent live data in the reefing industry, and we can now utilize this information more easily and effectively.  Powertronic and Filtertronic will be able to use these live results and trigger on/off sockets or disable the roller in Filtertronic’s case so that nutrients can be kept at the optimal level without the risk of totally stripping them from the water column.  Reasonable nutrient levels are very important to the growth of corals and organisms within the system.

Our Vision

Focustronic continues to set new standards in the aquarium industry and allows users to make use of the data from their systems to keep everything balanced.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make reef keeping easier and sustainable with water stability through integration.