Measures PO4 / NO3 / Ca / Mg / NO2/ dKH* / OLI / NH3 / I / Fe / NO3 COMP

Mastertronic is an auto tester which performs the most important water tests with a push of a button or based on defined schedules.  The ability to perform tests will yield live data and much more accurate results as water chemistry can change over time or even hours.


Dimension: 31.5 (L) x 22.5 (W) x 35.0 (H) cm

What Mastertronic tests for

Focustronic All in One App (AIO)

The dashboard of the AIO app shows the user the latest records of tests from the Mastertronic, Alkatronic and even light schedule of the Solartronic.  A simple and intuitive view of the system’s current state.

Schedule your tests

Each parameter has its own page for all the controls based on the parameter.  Setting a pre-defined schedule for each parameter and automated actions with Dosetronic, Powertronic, and even Solartronic.  Powerful yet simple to use.

Plus mobile device

What our customers say

Plus mobile device

OLI Testing

OLI stands for (Organic Level Index) and is derived by Focustronic and is only available in Mastertronic.  This measures the yellowness of the water in the system and gives a trend.  When level is higher than normal, it indicates the tank may require some maintenance such as water and/or carbon change.

High Precision DC pumps

Accurate Syringe for reagents


• High Precision Stepper and DC Pumps

• High Precision actuator for robotic arm

• State of the art compact design with rotating carousel

•Leak Detector

Nitrate & Nitrite NO2/NO3Nitrate NO3Phosphate PO4Calcium CaMagnesium MgAlkalinity KHIodine IIron FeAmmonium NH3
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