The most intelligent LED light system

Solartronic (ST) is our flagship lighting fixture with our patented dynamic light source. The ST doesn’t only have 1 unique feature but 2. When combined with Mastertronic, the lighting intensity can be automatically adjusted based on nutrients or even alkalinity (PO4, NO3, dKH) reading. It also features PATENTED dynamic light angles, which allows higher intensity over larger area and will not cause single hotspot like most fixtures. 


Dimension: 52 (L) x 39 (W) and 11.2cm at the highest point (middle)

Settings for the solartronic

Plus mobile device

Focustronic app

The app shows the current profile and the angle setting at the current moment.  The dashboard also includes the weather setting.  With a push of a button, the user can turn on the “Photo Mode” which has a preset light spectrum for best photo taking experience.

Setting Profiles

Each profile consists of 24 time points and total of 8 light channels with light angels.  The app will automatically allocate the ramp up/down and angels between each 2 hours and have smooth transitions every 5 min. 

Plus mobile device
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Plus mobile device

Set your light settings

One of the coolest features of the Solartronic and the app is user can set a different profile for each day of the week.  This gives the corals even more natural lighting through out the week and stimulates natural growth as lighting patterns are dynamic.

High Precision DC pumps

Accurate Syringe for reagents


  • Stepper motors for X and Y axis.
  • Genuine Reef Brite XHO light strips
  • Communicates with Mastertronic to auto adjust intensity
  • Cree LEDs with true UV (410, 365 and 395nm)